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Towards a Synergesitc Self: Integrating the Disowned Parts Within

I am absolutely convinced that I am not lovable. That no one could possibly ever like me. How could they? I am boring, have no friends and am socially awkward. [so recounts the teenage part of me that was socially excluded and left out]. There is a growing sense within, a kind of revelation (another one), showing a pattern of behaviour and felt experience that has always been there beneath the different facets I’ve presented to the world and myself. […]

Lake Hume Dawn, Panorama, Fine Art, Wall Art

Breaking Down or Breaking Through? Guidance for the Weary Spiritual Traveler

The last couple of months I’ve felt a weariness pervade my experience. It has worked its way in initially in a very subtle unbeknown way increasing in vividness as time elapses. The weariness is not alone; with it comes a sense of futility, drudgery and overall pessimism. Try as I might to dispel the experience, all that seems to do is bring into focus more of the same; and thus deepen the ordeal. In remaining aware of the narrative playing […]

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