Inspirational Quotes

“Only when one becomes exhausted of the person does it become possible to emerge as being.”

“When a warrior is in service, however, to a True King – that is, to a transcedent cause – he does well, and his body becomes a hardworking servent, which he requires to endure cold, heat, pain, wounds, scarring, hunger, lack of sleep, hardship of all kinds. The body usually responds well. The person in touch with warrior energy can work long hours, ignore fatigue, do what is necessary, finish the Ph.D. and all the footnotes, endure obnoxious department heads, live sparsely like Ralph Nader, write like T.S. Eliot did under a single dangling light bulb for many year, clean up shit and filth endlessly like Saint Francis or Mother Teresa, ensure contempt, disdain, and exile as Sakharov did. A clawed hand takes the comfort-loving baby away, and adult warrior inhabits the body.”

“The universe is playing on your behalf. Every move is tailor-made for you. Even slipping on a banana skin – all is for your awakening.”

“…I want to share this fundemental pointing: very often, tremendous resistance will arise right when you come to some defining moment in your life. It will raise its ugly head right when you stand a real chance of breaking the hold of identity and the limitations of your mind-set.”

“That’s it, I guess. Just go on living, whether you feel like it or not.”

“Our sense of Self depends on being able to organize our memories into a coherent whole. This requires well-functioning connections between the conscious brain and the self system of the body – connections that often are damaged by trauma. The full story can be told only after those structures are repaired and after the groundwork had been laid: after no body becomes some body.”

“Your heart is the softest place on earth. Take care of it.”