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Lacking Nothing, Sandstone Point, Panorama, Fine Art, Wall Art

Lacking Nothing

A very low tide at Sandstone Point reveals acres of open beach with sharp oyster encrusted rocks and seaweed.

The Teacher

Under the midday sun, the red desert like atmosphere of the Deception Bay Conservation Park is reminiscent of the planet Mars.

Australian Farm, Panorama, Fine Art, Wall Art

Meeting Place

On an Australian farm, the fading light of the day illuminates the waterhole where cows and sheep converse about their day in country life.

Country Dreams, Panorama, Fine Art, Wall Art

Your Path

Country dreams is a scene with the sun setting, clouds moving across the sky, grass golden by the light, and a long path to somewhere unknown.

Lightning Strike, Panorama, Fine Art, Wall Art

Losing Control

A lightning strike reverberates across the open land as a plane emerges just in time from the storm clouds.

Beechworth Historic Park, Panorama, Fine Art, Wall Art

That’s It

Water from Spring Creek cascades down the rocks at the Beechworth Historic Park as the rays of sunset shimmer upon the landscape.

Lightning Storm, Panorama, Wall Art

Old Ways

A lightning storm ripped dangerously across the sky illuminating the clouds with pinks and purples.

Stockman Dawn, Panorama, Fine Art, Wall Art

Gold Rush

On a bitterly cold stockman dawn a single dead old Australian gum tree braves the frost as a stockman searches for warmth.

Riverina Autumn, Panorama, Fine Art, Wall Art

One Love

A beautiful Riverina Autumn day is exemplified by a fairy tail like array of deciduous trees with leaves of green, yellow and red.

Australian Country, Panorama, Fine Art, Wall Art

I’m Here

In Australian country land, a mother sheep watches on as a baby lamb ascends a small mound.

Country Hills, Panorama, Fine Art, Wall Art

New Again

The rolling country hills of an Australian farmland gets one last kiss from the last of the day's sunlight, as a tree takes in the abundance of fresh air.

Country Sheep, Panorama, Fine Art, Wall Art

Many Riches

On a scorching hot Australian day, two country sheep pause to check out the newcomer as wispy white clouds traverse the open sky above.

Maleny Hills, Panorama, Fine Art, Wall Art

Wild Eyes

On a beautiful Autumn day, late afternoon sun casts long shadows across rolling Maleny hills.

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